Praying the Word

Lord God, our Heavenly Father, let the praise of your name unite the generations. As each generation discovers its unique voice and style of praise may they together join into a beautiful symphony of praise to you, our Lord and our shepherd King.
Lead us as your sheep into a greater trust in you and your provision for our lives. Deepen our love and widen our faith, so that our thankfulness, expressed in love and praise may be visible to all. In the name of Jesus, our shepherd, we pray. Amen
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Revelation 5 Prayer

Father God, you deserve our praise simply because you are God. There is no one who is like you, no one as powerful, majestic and awesome. But there is no one who is as just, wise, and loving as you. So we come in worship. We come to say “Yes” to you. We come to say that we want to surrender ourselves again to your Lordship. We declare that you are the sovereign Lord and that you and you alone should be the focus of our praise not just today, but everyday, now and forever. Amen.


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Praying the Word

Lord, we worship you today because you are worthy of praise and adoration. 
All you have created is good and the creation displays your glory. 
But in Jesus you have shown the depth of your love and your faithfulness. 
You are good, 
You are just, 
You are holy, 
You are worthy. 
May your great name be proclaimed today in churches and congregations around the world. 
For your Glory alone! Amen 
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