Elements of Prayer: SILENCE


Have you ever watched a married couple in a restaurant just sitting with each other, no one speaking, but both fully engaged with the other? Science shows that communication is more than words, just showing up is a huge part of communication. It’s simply a matter of being present with one another.

The psalmist encourages us to take time to be silent before God when he says “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).  When we become still before God we let all the stuff which is swirling in our minds settle and we simply become present to God, like the couple in the restaurant.

“This silent worship is the soul’s fellowship with God in prayer – There is something in our lives, also in our fellowship, which can never be formulated in words, which can be the common experience, nevertheless, of two who share with each other everything that can be expressed in words.” Professor Ole Hallesby.

Waiting in silence, just being in God’s presence, is enriching and draws us deeper in our relationship with God. But while it sounds easy, it is challenging. We don’t live in a culture which experiences silence. Instead, our lives are full of noise, and in the busyness of life it is hard to get our minds quiet enough so that we can be still and know God. It takes time and discipline.

Practically it can be helpful to do the following. First, sit comfortably and relax. Secondly, focus your thoughts on God as Father, Son or Holy Spirit. When the mind wanders (and it will) a phrase like “I long for your presence, O Lord” helps return the focus to the Lord.

Waiting upon God requires our whole being and our full attention. It takes time, but its time spent with the Lord. So, take time today to be still and wait upon the Lord.


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