God’s Feelings


Have you ever wondered how God feels as he looks at this messed up world? A recent experienced helped me gain a fresh perspective.

The morning had been spent touring and working at a Gospel Mission. At lunch time there was the opportunity to line up and have lunch with those who were using the mission. It was an amazing time of listening to stories and hearing testimony about how awesome God is.

There was a break before we began the afternoon shift and the local park provided an opportunity for sun and to enjoy the scenery. Our group passed a park bench where a man was sitting next to a shopping trolley, which looked to contain all of his possessions. We said hi and he responded cheerfully. We continued to walk and the others decided to wander down to the docks to see the nice boats. A tug in my spirit made me think that I should just go back and sit on the bench with this homeless guy, so I did.

I asked if I could sit while I waited for my friends and he said yes. So I sat, rested and watched the view over the lake. “It is a beautiful view” I commented, hoping that this might lead to a conversation. Nothing, then after another minute he suddenly stood up, grabbed his trolley, turned and said “Don’t talk to me, your crazy!”

With that he was gone, and I was confused. I was pretty sure the Spirit had prompted me to sit there. I had had great conversations earlier with the homeless people at the mission. So what had just happened?

In reflecting with a friend later I realized that what I experienced is similar to what God experiences from the world. They get up, walk away and want nothing to do with a “crazy God” who is looking for a relationship with his creation. What sadness that must cause him.

Pausing to reflect on how God feels in a situation can help us reset and refocus our own understandings, prejudices and bias. It allows us to get on board with what God wants to do in a situation and helps us to pray a more compassionate and informed prayer.

“Lord, show me how you feel today…”

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