Prayer is like a Combine

Would you try to harvest a 1000-acre field with a hand held scythe? To try and harvest such a large size field with a hand held instrument would take a very long time and a huge amount of effort. Depending upon the size of the field it would even become impossible to harvest it by hand. 

But if you were to bring the power of a combine to the field, then what was at one point impossible suddenly becomes possible. The field can be harvested. 

Prayer is like a combine; it makes possible what is impossible. Too often prayer is overlooked or dismissed because we fail to realize how essential prayer is. “But in everything by prayer” (Philippians 4:6) scripture tells us but do we actually believe that? Too often we approach the problems, challenges and even the opportunities in our lives as if we have been given a hand scythe and been sent out to harvest while there is a brand new combine sitting in the farm yard. 

We wonder why we don’t see more people coming to know Jesus. We wonder why the church does not fill up on a Sunday morning. We wonder why we do not see transformation in our communities and nation. The answer in part is that we are not praying. We are standing with a scythe when we could be sitting in a combine! 

Prayer is powerful, it changes and transforms who we are and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. It does so because it draws us into a relationship with our heavenly Father and as we continue to come into His presence then we cannot fail to find ourselves changed. Through time spent in prayer God’s power is released and transformation takes place. 

Jesus said, “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. ” (John 4:35) But to be effective in harvesting those fields we need to see our prayer lives renewed and revived infused with Holy Spirit power, which comes from our Father. 

It is time to climb up into the combine of prayer and see transformation and harvest happen.


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