Sovereignty, Kairos and Prayer

ester (1)

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

 This verse speaks into the reality of God’s sovereignty and the way He has chosen to work within this world. The Jewish nation faced annihilation at the hands of Haman. Esther is asked to go before the king and risk her life for her people for it was forbidden for anyone, including a queen, to approach the king without his invitation. As Esther acknowledges this reality her uncle Mordecai reminds her of God’s sovereignty.

God is in covenant with his people Israel. He has shown himself repeatedly faithful to his covenant promises. So when faced with extermination Mordecai, in faith, knows that deliverance will come. God is sovereign, if he has promised that Israel would be saved then Israel will be saved. But Mordecai doesn’t know how the Lord is going to do it. He knows that the Lord works through people. He brought the people out of Egypt using Moses. He conquered the Promised Land through Joshua. God does not work independently of humanity, but in cooperation with them. So some human agent is needed to stand up and be used by the Lord to bring salvation to the Jews. Esther has a choice. She could risk her life and step out in faith or she could remain silent. We do not know if there were others who could have acted, who God could have been prompting to act, but who remained silent. It is the Book of Ester in the Bible not the Book of Miriam.

God’s overall sovereignty is never in question but the means by which that sovereign plan will be achieved does depend upon how we respond to His call and prompts… “For such a time as this…”

Esther steps into God’s kairos time when she presents herself before the king unannounced. She steps into a kairos moment, an extraordinary time, a significant time, a time, which David Henderson describes as…

Moments of unaccounted generosity which we are called simple to receive with gratitude. At the same time, they require recognition (God is present and moving in our midst now), decision (I will say yes to his invitation in this moment), and action (I will do whatever he requires of me).”

As we spend time in prayer, we grow in intimacy with our heavenly Father, we in turn understand him better, how he is working, speaking and moving. We become more aware of these kairos moments that are taking place and just as Esther we can take the step of obedience clothed in faith and respond to the Lord’s direction. As we act, speak and pray into these kairos moments the Lord is able to move in power.

As John Calvin said…

“Nothing is promised to be expected from the Lord, which we are not also bidden to ask of him in prayers.”

It is time to join in with the work of the Lord, for such a time as this…

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